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wilds sonshine factory


The Wilds Sonshine Factory, known for its unique spirit distilled from cane and sunflower seeds, celebrated its official grand opening on August 25, 2023. But the spotlight wasn’t solely on their innovative spirit; the heart of the event was unveiling the meticulously designed Agricultural & Visitors Center.

The Center blends design with interactive educational displays suitable for all ages. Native wood from the PA Wilds region is incorporated seamlessly, capturing the essence and respect for the area's natural resources. The Center features interactive exhibits on the PA Wilds’ timber and forestry history, the significance of the region’s flowing waters, and a detailed exploration of agriculture. Interactive elements, from flip-door timber displays to rotating agricultural panels, create an engaging experience for visitors. A special nod is given to the sunflower – the factory’s hallmark ingredient. Informative displays detail its growth patterns, uses, and relationship with the PA region, complete with an interactive, life-sized sunflower panel.

design features:

  • Dimensional title panels with locally sourced materials 

  • Interactive educational displays

  • Dimensional Infographic panels

  • Stamped concrete walking path


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Vectorworks

  • Artlantis

Wilds Sonshine_38643_v1 E.jpg
Wilds Sonshine_38643_v1 D.jpg
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