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walden university 2018 commencement


Taking place in Tampa, Florida, Walden University celebrated their 2018 Commencement ceremonies with a big splash of custom branded signage and products. The brand needed to be versatile to work with a wide range of media and applications. The concept behind the branding was based on building blocks, which represent the graduates' achievements and hurdles overcome to reach commencement. A graduation cap was the signature mark used throughout. Both colors and fonts chosen were part of the school's existing branding so the commencement branding would blend seamlessly into other content. Final deliverables included posters, booklets, bannerstands, backdrops, tickets, and even hotel keycards, along with a plethora of digital assets used for social media, web banners, and emails.

design features:

  • Logo + Full Event Branding

  • Deliverables included all kinds of printed assets like booklets, posters, tickets, bannerstands, backdrops, vinyl stickers. etc.

  • Digital assets for social media and web banners


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop


Alternate Concepts

Two alternate concepts were also developed during the initial design phase. One concept below, inspired by the idea of "higher" education, used arrows to signify continued growth with a tagline "Keep Climbing". The other concept incorporates ribbons or banners, a common graduation theme, but with a 3D dimensional twist for extra visual impact. While all three concepts were well received by the client, they ultimately decided to go with the concept shown above. 

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