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saft office remodel

SAFT America asked our team to redesign and modernize their Cockeysville's office. From full vinyl wall wraps to dimensional logos to a custom conference room table, the entire lobby and front office area was updated with their new logo and brand. We also designed and fabricated two monitor surrounds, custom bar and storage area, and a timeline. The project is still ongoing as they continue to update other offices and communal areas throughout the building. See photos compared to concept renders below.

Saft 35489_36752_22-EDIT-Sm.jpg
SAFT_35489_v3_Hallway A.jpg
SAFT_35489_v3_Hallway C.jpg
Saft 35489_36752_06_EDIT-Sm.jpg
SAFT_35489_v3_Conference Room A.jpg
SAFT_35489_v3_Conference Room B.jpg
Saft 35489_36752_08_EDIT-Sm.jpg
Saft 35489_36752_14-Sm.jpg
SAFT_35489_v5_Front Doors A.jpg
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