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sandy point state park visitor center


Sandy Point State Park is a popular tourist destination on the Chesapeake Bay. It offers beaches, bike trails, boating, fishing, family gathering areas, and scenic views. Working in partnership with Murphy + Dittenhafer, we developed exhibit concepts for the planned rennovation of the visitor center. The exhibit features a curved panoramic mural, along with infographics and interactive elements focusing on life and nature of the bay. Additional areas educate visitors about the history and culture of Sandy Point.

design features:

  • Curved feature wall with infographics and 3D displays

  • Interactive games to engage visitors

  • Dimensional textures and themed items

  • Monitor with looping video and voiceover

  • Freestanding kiosks with backlit graphics

  • Exterior signage with infographics


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Vectorworks

  • Artlantis

Welcome + Events Corner

Murphy Dittenhafer_39436_v2-Welcome.png

Curved Feature Wall

Murphy Dittenhafer_39436_v3-Model A.jpg
Murphy Dittenhafer_39436_v3-Model B.jpg
Murphy Dittenhafer_39436_v2-Curved Wall-Dims.png
Murphy Dittenhafer_39436_v1-Help.png

Visitor Stories

Freestanding Kiosks

Historical Timeline

Restoration Infographics

Exterior Signage

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