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optavia environmental graphics

Optavia is brand focused on lifestyle and coaching. It is important to them that both employees and visitors feel connected to and inspired by their brand when walking through their office space. We developed environmental graphic concepts that tell their story and motivate others to achieve their goals. Designs include large wall murals, colorful backlit graphic posters, interactive touchscreens connected to social media feeds, and even a photo op station with promotional products.

Optavia_39896_Wall 6A-1.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6A-2.jpg
Optavia_39896_v2_Wall 2.jpg
Optavia_39896_v2_Impact Mural-2.jpg
Optavia_39896_v2_Wall 3.jpg
Optavia_39896_v2_Bathroom Hallway2.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6B-1.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6B-3.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6B-2.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6B-4.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6B_v2-1.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6B_v2-3.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6B_v2-2.jpg
Optavia_39896_Wall 6B_v2-4.jpg
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