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hill school environmental graphics

Our client, The Hill School, partnered with us to create a series of environmental graphics and signage to celebrate science, technology, engineering and math. The project was commissioned as part of an $18 million dollar construction project to renovate and expand two iconic, historic buildings and connect them with a new 45,000 square foot STEM facility on their boarding school campus. 


The displays and graphics were designed to create an educational experience, while also honoring significant alumni and donors. We selected the hexagon as a central theme because of its significance throughout nature and science, and customized the background pattern in each installation according the subjects taught in neighboring classrooms. The project scope included the following: 


  • Themed environmental graphics that celebrate alumni and other famous historical leaders that have made significant impacts in their fields

  • Donor Recognition & Dedication Signage, displayed in both an attractive and meaningful way. 

  • Wayfinding, Directional, & ADA-Compliant Room Signs

  • Building Naming & Dedication Signage

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