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hill school


We partnered with The Hill School to create a series of environmental graphics and signage to celebrate science, technology, engineering and math. The project was commissioned as part of an $18 million dollar construction project to renovate and expand two iconic, historic buildings and connect them with a new 45,000 square foot STEM facility on their boarding school campus. The displays and graphics were designed to create an educational experience, while also honoring significant alumni and donors. The hexagon was selected as a central theme because of its significance throughout nature and science, and each background pattern was customized according the subjects taught in neighboring classrooms. Subjects include biology, chemistry, physics, math, engineering, and emerging technology. Each environmental graphic contains dimensional hexagons with prominent alumni and other impactful leaders over cut vinyl. A relevant and inspiring quote in acrylic lettering completes the installation.


In the main lobby, the donor wall is featured with five levels of giving represented by different sized hexagons. They are mounted to a large powder coated mesh and can be added and updated as additional gifts are received.


In addition to these large display elements, we also designed, fabricated, and installed hundreds of ADA and wayfinding signs throughout all three buildings. The room signs are fabricated so the subjects are updatable for maximum flexibility. Donor information is incorporated below each ADA sign as needed and completes the hexagon shape.​​​​

design features:

  • Themed environmental graphics with dimensional elements 

  • Donor recognition + dedication signage 

  • Wayfinding, directional, + ADA room signage

  • Exterior and interior building naming signage


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Vectorworks

  • Artlantis

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