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asrc federal

Multiple 20' x 30' trade show booths designed for ASRC Federal for their annual Space Symposium show. Each concept has a semi-private meeting space, large storage closet, backlit counters, overhead hanging sign, and custom carpet. Graphics are printed on fabric, and some are backlit.

2020 ASRC Federal Booth

ASRC Federal_37799_v4_Front Perspective.jpg
ASRC Federal_37799_v3_Counter and Kiosk.jpg
ASRC Federal_37799_v3_Conference Room_Outside.jpg
ASRC Federal_37799_v3_Back Perspective.jpg
ASRC Federal_37799_v3-6.jpg

2021 ASRC Federal Booth

ASRC Federal_39101_v1 A.jpg
ASRC Federal_39101_v1 B.jpg
ASRC Federal_39101_v1 E.jpg
ASRC Federal_39101_v1 C.jpg
ASRC Federal_39101_v1 D.jpg

2022 ASRC Federal Booth

ASRC Federal_39828_v1A copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_39828_v1B copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_39828_v1E copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_39828_v1C copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_39828_v1F copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_39828_v1D copy.jpg
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