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asrc federal 20' x 30' booths (2019-2023)

Multiple 20' x 30' trade show booths were designed for ASRC Federal for the annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO. Each concept features a semi-private meeting space, large storage closet, backlit counters, overhead hanging sign, and custom flooring. Graphics are printed on primarily on fabric, with some designed as lightboxes to capture viewers' attention. Each booth design has a similar overall theme, reusing certain structures for optimal return on investment, but details and layouts have evolved over the years to accommodate ASRC Federal's growing needs.





ASRC Federal_46016_v2-Left Corner copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_46016_v2_Top copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_46016_v2-Left copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_46016_v2-Meeting Room B copy.jpg
ASRC Federal_46016_v2-Meeting Room A copy.jpg
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