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agam 20' x 30'


A trade show booth designed with the idea that the perspective and experience of the visitor is paramount to all else. With multiple layers of glowing silicon-edged graphics overhead, this vibrant and colorful 20'x30' display appears three-dimensional and constantly shifts along with your position underneath. A glossy black floor was chosen to reflect the light from above and amplify the overall effect. The goal was to mimic a shifting kaleidoscope and to show-off AGAM's custom fabrication capabilities, while also featuring a new product line, "Kolaz". All components of the booth were manufactured using AGAM's aluminum system and it debuted at SGIA2014 in Las Vegas. As with all AGAM projects, it was designed with modularity in mind and eventually used as 20'x20' exhibit at Globalshop2015.


Booth presented at SGIA2014, Exhibitor2015, Globalshop2015

design features:

  • Custom hanging canopy structures

  • Double-layered backlit SEG prints 

  • Reflective, raised flooring 

  • Modular product displays and seating


  • AutoCAD

  • Maxwell Render

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

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